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By Jaime Gutierrez, D.D.S.
December 23, 2019
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Shield your child’s back teeth from decay with dental sealants.

Even if your child is properly brushing and flossing their teeth on a daily basis, they are likely still susceptible to decay. That’s because molars, or back teeth, are much harder to keep clean. All those grooves and ridges on the chewing surfaces of your child’s back teeth can trap bacteria and food. In fact, the back teeth are far more susceptible to decay than any other teeth. Fortunately, if you want to protect your child’s teeth, our Brookfield, CT, family dentist, Dr. Jaime Gutierrez, can easily place dental sealants.

What are dental sealants?

Dental sealants are clear or tooth-colored plastic coatings that are painted onto the chewing surfaces of your child’s back teeth and then bonded directly to the tooth to provide a protective barrier against decay. Dental sealants, along with proper oral hygiene, can ensure that your child’s smile stays healthy and cavity-free.

When should sealants be placed?

Once your child’s first set of molars come in, then it’s time to turn to our Brookfield, CT, dentist to find out if they should get sealants. This usually happens around the time your child is 6 or 7 years old. Usually, at 11 or 12 years old your child’s second set of molars will come in. Once they fully erupt, then our dentist can also place sealants over these molars.

How are sealants placed?

Getting sealants is a very easy process. In fact, we can usually place them at the very same time as your child’s routine dental cleaning dring an easy and painless process. Here’s what’s involved in getting sealants,

  • Your child’s teeth are professionally cleaned and polished to remove any plaque and tartar
  • An acidic solution is applied to the chewing surfaces to roughen the surface
  • A bonding solution is also applied to the tooth to make sure the sealant sticks to the tooth properly
  • The sealant is then painted onto the chewing surfaces
  • A special light is then directed over the teeth to harden the sealant to the tooth

Interested? Give us a call

Whether you want to discuss getting dental sealants for your child, braces for your teen, or routine dental care for you, Dr. Gutierrez and her dental team are here to make sure your whole family gets the treatment you all need. Call our Brookfield, CT, dental office today at (203) 775-0480.