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February 22, 2021
Category: Oral Health
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For your child's best oral health, developing good brushing techniques from a young age is crucial. If you are assisting your child with proper, frequent tooth brushing and minimizing their consumption of sugary foods and drinks, your child is on a great path for lifelong dental health. However, even with good oral hygiene habits and a nutritious diet, kids can be at risk for dental decay, and sealants can be an effective and safe addition to their wellness routine.

Family dentist Jamie Gutierrez in Brookfield, C.T., can fit your child with sealants to help prevent cavities.

What are sealants?

Sealants are very thin coatings for molars, the teeth in the back of the mouth. These teeth can be more difficult to see and access when your child is brushing their teeth, making them more susceptible to the buildup of stubborn plaque which can manifest into cavities and decay.

How old does my child need to be for sealants?

At our Brookfield, C.T. office we can apply sealants for patients as young as six, or once their molars grow in. Even adults can benefit from sealants, especially if they are prone to cavities.

What is the process for applying sealants?

Your family dentist will begin by thoroughly cleaning your child's teeth before brushing them with an abrasive gel to help make them more porous. This will allow the sealants to better bond with the surface of their teeth. The excess gel will be rinsed away and their teeth dried before the sealant is applied. Finally, your family dentist will use a blue light to cure the sealant so it is sturdy and securely in place. The process is quick, and your child should experience no pain.

How do you care for sealants?

Your child will need to continue to brush frequently and thoroughly, floss, and have regular professional cleanings and exams to keep their teeth healthy. Sealants require no extra care, so they can proceed with their oral hygiene routine as normal.

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